.inp file or .ans file into Ansys HFSS


    • ha_nguyen3


      How do I import an .inp file or .ans file into Ansys HFSS? 

      From Simpleware by Synopsys, I can export .inp file or .ans file for FE model. Previously, I tried to open both types of files on Ansys HFSS, but it doesn't include both formats (I tried Modeler - Import or File  Open or File - Import). I wonder why Ansys HFSS isn't compatible with .ans file. In Simpleware, .ans is indicated for Ansys)


    • ha_nguyen3

      I tried to import the file into Ansys workbench first, and then convert the file into some format that is compatible to Ansys HFSS. 

      However, I got the following error message. 

    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee


      Thank you for reaching out and your patience is much appreciated.

      Please note that the Ansys Electronics Desktop projects are saved with ".aedt" format but not with ".ans" format. Hence it is not been able to open. It is suggested to check with the other tool on its file formats. 

      If you want to import the model geometry created in other tool, please look at this link for the supported formats for model import - Ansys Electronics 2023 R1 - Working with Ansys Electronics Desktop Projects.

      Best regards,

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