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Input file for batch submission

    • HrushikeshM

      Hello everyone,

      I am working on the compression of TPMS lattice structure with explicit dynamics. I have to submit the job to HPC using batch script. I have set the model with mesh, damage parameters, boundary conditions etc. but to submit it using the script, I need an input file (i as seen in the script) of the model. Following is snap of part of the script.

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @HrushikeshM there are two issues here. The first is that "ansys201" starts the Mechanical APDL solver, and not the Autodyn solver used by the Explicit Dynamics analysis system. You will need to check with the HPC admin whether you can manually launch Autodyn jobs on the server/cluster. Normally we solve Explicit Dynamics systems via RSM, which in turn accesses a job scheduler on the server/cluster.
      The next step depends on what the admin has to say.

    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee
      To solve Explicit Dynamics system with HPC, you need to check the box "Distributed" on the top toolbar and then specify the total number of cores used (>1). You don't need to run a script file.
      Write Input File is not available in Explicit Dynamics system since its solver - Autodyn, doesn't support it.
      If you need to submit an Explicit Dynamics job to a remote machine to run it with HPC, you need to click Solve on the top toolbar to edit Solve Process Settings and add a RSM queue.
    • satri
      Can you please explain how to submit the model to hpc through RSM?
      when i go to rsm and try to add the hpc of my university i keep getting this

      What is the submit host supposed to be? I need to submit the model to compute node on HPC. Is there any way to achieve this by creating a batch script and loading it on linux environment moba ex terminal
      I need to submit a model to HPC and the only suggested way at the university is this
      Instead of ansys201 i will use autodyna but without creating the dat file aka input file i have no way of submitting the model. Please let me know how to create this dat file on explicit dynamics

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