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Input file not found

    • kranthi balusu

      My job doesn't run but gives this msg


       *** Warning 70005 (OTH+5)
           input file does not exist:
           iostat= 29
        please define input file names or change defaults :
       *** Error 70015 (OTH+15)
           no input commands found!
        E r r o r   t e r m i n a t i o n
      Even if it says error termination, LS-Dyna still consumes licenses 
      A different K file runs fine. 
      What should I do? 
    • Jim Day
      Ansys Employee
      My guess is there's a typo in your input file name, or it's not located where the code can find it, or the input file does not have adequate privilege to be read by the code.
    • kranthi balusu

      Yeah, that was the reason. it was supposed to be .K and not .k


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