Inputting the Fan heat dissipation Curve

    • Jamie Allen

      Hi there I am currently trying to set up a new model for a fan cooling system that varys in efficiency at different ambient temperatures. The data I have is the ambient temerature in celsuis and the total heat dissipated in kilowatts. I'm not sure how to input this along with making sure that if the ambient temperature is not on of the data sets I input that it will interpolate to give an accurate answer. I have no idea how to write udfs so this is not an option, unless someone were to write one for me. Attatched is a graph of the data

      Hope someone is able to help. 

      Thank you

    • C N
      Ansys Employee


      I recommend you to use the design point table in parametric study option in fluent . First in excel save this plot as .csv file then try to import creating design point table. KIndly follow this user guide link for how to access these options to import these tamperature data from plot and initialise the case without writing udf .This should solve your problem.

      42.6. Working With the Design Point Table (ansys.com)


      Chaitanya Natraj

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