Inquire about the output signal of the camshaft position sensor

    • Ceceliaanne

      Has anyone used the 06A 905 161B camshaft position sensor?

      I connected 1 (red wire) to the positive power supply, 3 (black wire) to the negative power supply, and 2 (green wire) to the oscilloscope.

      When the latte sheet blocks the gap of the sensor, the oscilloscope displays a continuous output of a sine signal with a peak-to-peak voltage of about 50mV; when it is not blocked, there is no signal output.

      Are the wiring method and output signal correct?

    • Chinmay T
      Ansys Employee
      It looks like the question does not belong to simulation or physics related but on hardware.
      So as Ansys employees, we may not be able to provide you correct advice.
      We will leave it to the forum community who can guide you better.
      Thanks Chinmay
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