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Insert a picutre in a plot

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      i am using HFSS and created a SAR rectangular plot along a line (line = Distance). Now i want to insert a picture of my modell at the exact position at the line (seen in the picture below) in the created plot. So i can see on the basis of the plot which SAR the model has on which position.

      How could i do this?

      Best regards

    • VivekKamble
      Ansys Employee
      nYou can select the object and plot the SAR by selecting from 'Quantity Menu' and you can select your model from the 'In VOlumme menu' as shown in below,nLet me know if this helps you, Please feel free if you have any question nRegards,nVivekn
    • AndyJP
      Vivek, i think the question was how can we put an illustrative image on a report plot.nIt seems there is no way. The report plotting engine was developed around 25 years ago and updated only once 11 or 12 years ago. It is too primitive and outdated. (despite quite advanced calculator and field-calc capabilities)nUse Photoshop/GIMP, or overlay at Powerpointn
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