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Insert several (>20) dipole sources in harmonic analysis with frequency-dependency.

    • christopher_beale

      I am working on a project involving several dipole and quadrapole sources along a wind turbine blade. Each location on the blade has a source with frequency-dependent power as shown in the attached image. The original plan was to import all these sources into Ansys to perform acoustic simulations. I have encountered two problems with this however.

      •It seems that you are limited to 20 harmonic wave sources with the AWAVE command due to the constraints on the wave number from 1 to 20. Is there a way to include more than 20 sources in a single simulation or will I need to run several simulations with 20 sources each and superimpose the results? 
      •For each dipole, I can enter a constant pressure or velocity but do not see a way to make them frequency-dependent. Is it possible to enter frequency-dependent characteristics for a source, or should I run simulations only for a single frequency each time and superimpose these results as well?

      I am using ANSYS version 17 and 18 with their respective acoustics ACT package. I am on a windows system. I will answer any additional questions as soon as possible. Any help is much appreciated.

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