Inserting a cylinder into a GAMBIT file

    • FrankR

      Dear Community,

      I have a model of a room, meshed in GAMBIT as a *.dbs-file, in binary format.

      Now I want to insert a cylinder. The nodes and the connectivity are available in 3 different formats to chose from (cylinder in msh format:, in nas Format, in f3grid format (from FLAC3D, Fast Lagrangian Analysis of Continua in 3 Dimensions) .

      Is this feasible ?

      We have no access to GAMBIT any longer. We do have the following modules from ANSYS : Fluent, Design Modeler, Space Claim, Workbench; all in the release 19.2.

      The cylinder nodes and connectivity should be preserved after insertion. Can a conflict between identical node or element numbers between the dbs-file and the file for the cylinder be avoided automatically ? Alternatively, I could add a fixed number to all node and element numbers of the cylinder.

      Your expertise is highly appreciated.

      Thank you so much .




    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      DesignModeler should read the geometry in if you have the ACIS reader, but you'll lose the mesh. Once it's in you can (usually) edit as per normal geometry and/or transfer to SpaceClaim. 

      If you have the mesh file, just use Fluent Meshing. 

    • FrankR

      Thank you once more, rwoolhou

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