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Inserting contact resistance between two layers of different material

    • Aitana Cano

      I am simulating with Maxwell (DC conduction) how current is distributed through a structure of metal-semiconductor(Ge)-metal, like the one of the image. I would like to add a contact resistance between the metal layers and the semiconductor one, so I would like to know if there is a simple way of doing this, for example by asigning a resistance to that interface. At the moment I have only thought of adding another intermediate layer with a resistivity equivalent to this contact resistance. However, I want to try different geometries for the metal contact, for what this solution is not practical.


      Thank you in advance :)

    • Reshmi Raghavan
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Aitana,

      In Maxwell eddy current sovler and mangetic transient solver we have a boundary condition called as resistive sheet, which is used to specify the contact resistance value . The face in contact with the two parts can be selected and the resistive boundary condition can be assigned. The value of the contact resistance can be mentioned while assisgning the boundary condition.

      In the case of DC conduction solver the method you have mentioned has to be followed( modelling additional part with updated material proeprty)


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