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Installation Errors on Discovery Ultimate V19.1


    • garias
      Hi All, I'm installing Discovery Ultimate V19.1 on a machine but I always get this error. (Install.err).  Any ideas? The if I try to open SpaceClaim I get the error attached   >>>---------------------------------------> ANSYS installation: Thu May 31 15:51:52 2018 Revision: Release 19.1 ###### Error ####### Error executing configuration script 'C:UsersJOHNAT~2AppDataLocalTempans_install_tmp10288configAnsConfigWBDiscovery.tcl' '"C:UsersJOHNAT~2AppDataLocalTempans_install_tmp10288tclbinwinx64tclsh.exe" "C:UsersJOHNAT~2AppDataLocalTempans_install_tmp10288configAnsConfigWBDiscovery.tcl"  -installdir "C:Program FilesANSYS Inc" -rev 191 -dotrev 19.1 -scripttosource "C:UsersJOHNAT~2AppDataLocalTempans_install_tmp10288configConfigCommon.tcl" -sourcedir "C:UsersJOHNAT~2AppDataLocalTempans_install_tmp10288" -os_lang en-us -install ' terminated after 1 attempts with the following error(s): Unknown error Exit Code: 1 Graphics Driver Verification and Setup Error. >>>--------------------------------------->
    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee

      Gabriel Arias

      Please manually run C:Program FilesANSYS Incv191FrameworkbinWin64Ans.DriverSetup.exe from a command prompt.

      Note that it's important that this command be run from the Windows command prompt so that the text output that is written to the screen can be read.

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