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Installation Problem – “The installation completed with warnings/errors”

    • nkandemir


      I have just downloaded and installed ANSYS 19.0. After the installation process, the setup interface stated that there are some errors/warnings. I have checked the error log and tried the run setup several times without uninstalling but it didn't work.

      I have controlled the path "C:UsersNayýfAppDataLocal"; however, there was not any directory named "Temp".

      I also noticed that some of the paths start with "C:UsersNay?fAppDataLocalTemp" whereas some others start with "C:UsersNayýfAppDataLocalTemp".

      I have uploaded the error log and the screenshot of the "C:UsersNayýfAppDataLocal" directory.

      Besides, I have another error log named "install_licconfig" as well. I think it is related to ANSYS, Inc. Licence Manager since I also had a similar error warning for the ANSYS Licence Manager installation.

      Finally, I could not find the ANSYS application, so I was not able to run it.

      Thanks for help

    • JakeC
      Ansys Employee

      Hi nkandemir,

      Did you extract the .zip file before running setup.exe?

      If not, please try that.  For example, extract to a directory on  your desktop.

      Also be sure that you have run setup.exe as an administrator:

      Right Click on Setup.exe and select "Run As Administrator"


      It also appears as though there are non-standard characters in your username.

      Please try creating a local user with standard english characters such as "abc" (without the quotes)

      Then extract and install while logged into that user.


      Thank you,



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