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Installing Ansys on Remote HPC

    • amta3208


      I would ultimately like to utilize RSM for HPC simulations. I have Student Ansys running locally but I would like to see how, if possible, I can have a version running on the current supercomputer (Summit using Slurm)  that I ssh to in order to test my simulations on RSM. I currently run a Student License but I am also vetting whether this is viable for my project and, if so, my advisor would purchase an academic license. So if having it run on the supercomputer under a student license is not possible, is there a trial license I can use instead?

      Thank you!

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      ANSYS RSM doesn't support SLURM. see the list of supported scheduler here

      I have seen some people make it work but it's not something that we support.However, if you search on online ANSYS Help, you can find a page that roughly explain the customization but since clusters can be setup/configured differently, it's up to your cluster admin to customize this.

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