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General Mechanical

Integrating workbench scripting with mechanical scripting

    • jalvarmon

      I aim to perform in-batch structural simulations of a composite blade. I use workbench scripting to generate the project with the associated systems (i.e., Geometry, ACP Pre and Static Structural).

      From this main script, I can run the ACP Pre script by using the command "setup1.RunScript". However, this capability does not seem included when it comes to the Static Structural system. I already have a Static Structural script written in Python that successfully automates my required tasks, but I need to run it from the Workbench script console. 

      Instead, I have read in the Ansys Help that it is possible to use the "setup1.SendCommand" interface. However, it seems that it is not working with Python commands and required JScript commands. I consulted on the Mechanical Scripting Guide and there are no references on how to use JScript. 

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