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3D Design

Integration of ansys with Mapdl.


    • chandrabhan

      I am trying to define a node with pre-defined parameters but it is not working.

      p = 1; q =2; r = 3; ii=1;


      the result shows:

      ans =

      Undefined parameter used for coordinate 3.  A value of 0.0 will be used.

      How to resolve this problem. Thanks in advance.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      The title is a bit confusing - mapdl is an ansys product.
      Is this about using mapdl within matlab?
      I assume here it is aaS in Matlab.
      Try then to type in the numbers for the N command directly:
      iCoMapdlunit.executeCommandToString('N, 1, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0')

      if this works then it is something with the way one is passing in these parameters
      try then to define the xx, yy, and zz as parameters (do not use p as it means pick in apdl, and r is real constant) in apdl:
      and then pass them into the N command
      iCoMapdlunit.executeCommandToString('N, , xx, yy, zz')

      Fos aaS see this video:

      In the future though I would recommend to use pyAnsys and pyMAPDL

      All the best

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