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Intel(r) Visual Fortran run-time error

    • Janne


      I ran C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\ANSYS Student\v222\ansys\bin\winx64\ansys222 using MATLAB and everything was running smoothly. I have done this for more than a year now. But today when I stopped the MATLAB loop in the middle and started it again, it did not run.

      These messages appear if I try to open ANSYS222.exe from the folder.

      It should be noted that MAPDL opens just fine from ""C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\ANSYS Student\v231\ANSYS\bin\winx64\launcher.exe" -runae".

      On the other hand, If I try to open C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\ANSYS Student\v231\ansys\bin\winx64\ANSYS I get the following errors.


      I found other people with same problem but no solution. I installed ansys231 version but it did not help.

      I need to run the .exe using MATLAB from optimization.




    • Janne

      Okay I was able to figure it out. All I had to do is give Full Control to all of these user names found in this security tab for the whole "ANSYS Inc" folder. I do not know which one it was, probably "Users(xxx/Users)".


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