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[Interconnect] Example on Gain fitting for TWLM does not yield the same result


    • Badrul

      Dear all, I have been following the gain fitting example from TWLM ( ), and I have seen the output of script "plotDiagAndIR.lsf". If I understood well, the purpose of the code is to compare the gain in the transmission on the ONA with the gain imported  within the TWLM element from a file, "sampleGainData.txt". In Fig.1a we see the correct output, as presented in the tutorial and when we run the script "plotDiagAndIR.lsf" inside of the interconnect file twlmGainFitTest.icp.

    • Guanhui Wang
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Badrul
      Thank you very much for catching this and bring this to our attention. The files on the page is out of date and we have just updated the files and the contents on the page now. Please check back on the page now and the files should work fine with the update:
      For the second questions, TWLM calculates carrier density automatically from the laser rate equations based on input current and various recombination mechanisms, as we demonstrate in various laser examples. And the user has to provide gain vs carrier density in a file or use Lorentzian model.
      Fro the third question, a.u. stands for arbitrary unit and it matchea the unit of the element it connects to or defined for. For example, in the case of the TWLM, the input to this model is current injection, so the files and parameters defined in the TWLM model all refer to current. Then the sources connects to the TWLM has the unit of current standard unit (A, in this case).

      Hope this can help. Let me know if you see further problems.
    • pi2022
      Dear GWANG Was the rate equation model published somewhere?
      I need to debug an Interconnect model of a laser diode. Knowing the equations used in the model would help.
      best wishes pavlo

    • pi2022
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