Interface element with zero thickness

    • Amin Al-Fakih

      Dear All,

      I am simulating an interlocking rubbercrete masonry brick prism (consist of 3 layers and two joints) no mortar between them  using ANsys (Static structural). I want to assign INTER194 as a contact between each brick. Could you Please help me to do the command and where to insert it. For your information, the ANSYS generate CONTA174 and TARGE170 contact elements automatically. 

      Your cooperation is highly appreciated 

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Amin Al-Fakih, In order to use these elements in Workbench Mechanical, you'll first model the Gasket as a solid body. Not as an interface like you have defined currently.

      Then you'll have to specify appropriate Gasket properties in the engineering data:

      And finally, then you can set the stiffness behavior of the solid which is a modeled as Gasket in the Mechanical as follows:

      Then the elements in the solid will be modeled as INTER194.

      One thing I noticed after typing this up, is inter194 will only work with enterprise license, I am not sure if that will work at your end as your license seems like Academic.

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