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Interface Models (Energy Interface Model)?

    • asharma

      Could someone please help me understand about the "Energy Interface Model"?

      I modeled a conjugate heat transfer problem (Fluid-Solid Heat Transfer template) but just realized that the fluid-solid interface had "Energy Interface Model" (Listed under "Interface Models") as "None" selected by default instead of the other, more intuitive (since I am using the fluid-solid heat transfer template) option "conduction". 

      How does it affect my results?

      Any help is much appreciated.


    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello anshu16

      "Energy Interface Model" option is used to model the effects of thermal conductance at a fluid-solid or solid-solid interface.

      For a coupled interface, under Energy Interface Model, select Thermal conductance. Thermal conductance between the regions is typically modeled as a result of:

      • a thin material at a fluid-solid or solid-solid interface. The thermal conductivity in this case is k/Δx, where k and Δx are the conductivity and material thickness.
      • a thin film on a fluid-solid interface.
      • contact conductance at a solid-solid interface.
      • asharma

        Naresh Patre Thank you, much appreciated!

    • glyn.jarvis

      Hi anshu16,

      Thank you for raising this.  The label in the UI is incorrect.  "None" really ought to be "fully conducting", in other words it will conduct heat across the interface without any resistence. 

      Alternatively, as Naresh says, the "Thermal conductance" option can be used to over-ride this and specify your own rate of thermal conduction, for example, to simulate the existence of some sort of insulator or film that affects the rate of conduction.

      We'll get this label changed in a future release.  Sorry for the confusion.



      • asharma

        Glyn Thank you for clarifying this further. I indeed found "none" to be fully conducting and hence got confused on seeing the other "thermal conductance" option.

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