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Interference fit analysis

    • jagocullen

      I am wanting to simulate an interference fit on the attached image in ansys structural.

      Can i do this in a quarter model to reduce the computing required?

      I simply want to obtain insertion/removal forces on the shaft as it enters the receiver hub.

      I also want to measure the stresses on both components during this period. Not entirely sure if I can model what is required in a 1/4 model?


      Any tips?



    • peteroznewman

      You might consider an Axisymmetric model and draw just one radial slice of the geometry. Note that the axis of rotation must be the Y-axis and you must draw the radial slice on the +X side of the Y axis at Z=0.

      You could also use symmetry to draw half a ball, so in a radial slice, you are just drawing a 1/4 circle.

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