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General Mechanical

Internal Magnitude Limit reached error that goes away when bolts are surpressed.

    • ClaySmith13

      I am hoping that someone may be able to help me with an issue. When I try to run static structural analysis on a bolt together assembly, I get an "internal magnitude limit reached". Normally I solve this problem by fixing a mistake in how I have my contact pairs and constraints. When I suppress a pair of bolts, the solution solves. I will try and just suppress the pretension on the bolts and the error shows up. However, if I run the analysis on a different system it solves out. Any thoughts on why these bolts cause this error on my system but no the other system? I cannot provide models or screenshots do to proprietary reasons. 

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      1. Please post to the correct category to get a quicker response. I am moving this to Structural Mechanics for you.

      2. having more info about the problem helps, so sharing at least images would help (Model helps too, but Ansys employees can not access models) so inline images would help a lot. othewise it will be a lot shooting in the dark. (still check the all the contacts for the bolt and nut)

      3. Also, are you using student version license?


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