Intersect errors with model with complex structure

    • Aladzhov

      Hi gays, I have big problems with Maxwell 3D:

       I have separated part of the human hand into four areas (skin, bone, muscle, fat) through other software, I have made four binary STL file formats, which are imported correct into Ansys, just as they are positioned relative to each other. But after a long "Validation Check" (5-6 hours) it gives me "Parts intersect" (Each of the four objects with each other and with the zone). If, in the other software, I do not divide the object into four parts and I import it into Ansys after  the checking it gives me "[error] ACIS entity check failed for part: ..."

       How can I fix the crossing problem?  How can I divide these four objects so they do not intersect? I cannot move the objects to each other, because this will disrupt the integrity of the model.

      their unity is an extreme measure, which cannot be done too  because of the second error

      I will be glad if someone has time and can help me.


    • Jason Bommer
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Aladzhov,

      As always, the best place to start is with the native geometry, so do your best inside your other software tool to identify and fix the problem before export. Once that is done, I recommend you spend some time reading up on model analysis and preparation from directly within Electronics Desktop under Modeler => Model Analysis and Model Preparation and you will find ways to detect and fix the problems assuming the STL source is not too dirty.

      Here is one place in help to start: https://ansyshelp.ansys.com/account/secured?returnurl=/Views/Secured/Electronics/v191//Subsystems/Maxwell/Maxwell.htm%23ModelAnalysisDialog.htm%3FTocPath%3DMaxwell%2520Help%7CDrawing%2520a%2520Model%7CModel%2520Analysis%7CModel%2520Analysis%2520Dialog%7C_____0 


    • Aladzhov

      Thank you, @jbommer,


      So I did  in the other software "boolean" operations. But a new problem arose: Some of the processed objects are imported into Ansys as planes, not as solids. They still look bulky, but I can not fix their material, for example. What could be the cause of this problem and how can i fix it?

      Thank you again!

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