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Interupting client does not work!?


    • Abhishek Shingala

      Hello everyone, In the fluent software when I try to modify cells or use tet improve and perform operation, it takes too much time and in anycase if I try to interupt the client using ctrl + c in the console, it never stops running. does anyone know any other way to stop operation? why fluent does not have a stopping button?

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator

      Stop usually works, and CTRL+C also stops the solver. You may need to hit CTRL+C a couple of times if you're running transient. 

      Some operations, DPM tracks and mesh processes don't have an interrupt as doing so could corrupt the update. These processes can take a few minutes, longer if you accidentally set something incorrectly or your change/update is large relative to the compute hardware. 

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