Invalid .SUBCKT format in netlist file.

    • Ali Fırat Çobanoğlu

      Hello there,

      I am using ANSYS Electronics 2022. I created a circuit by using Simplorer for a transformer. And I created .sph file by Maxwell Circuit -> Export netlist.

      Whenever I try to import the circuit on Maxwell 2D by assigning excitation -> External Circuit -> Edit External Circuit -> Import Circuit Netlist, I get the error message saying "Error encountered in importing file. Invalid .SUBCKT format in netlist file."

    • GLUO
      Ansys Employee


      The circuit picture you shared looks like most components are shorted by incorrect wires over them. Could you try removing those wires?


    • Ali Fırat Çobanoğlu

      Hi Gluo,

      Thank you for reaching me out. Yes, you are right, I made a huge mistake but after I posted it, I believe I made the required changes and re-drew it properly. Here's the changed version:

      But, the problem is not solved yet. I don't understand why.


      Here is the properties of each and every component that I used to draw the circuit.


      And it shows nothing of course on Voltmeters and ammeters.


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