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General Mechanical

Invalid values for some of nodes in TimeHist Postpro

    • dpszenny


      Working on very simple elasto-plastic model now (APDL).

      1) I cannot understand that the values shown by TimeHist Postpro are "invalid" for some nodes. The values for other nodes are displayed correctly.

      2) There's an additional error about the NUMVAR. I made sure to set up the NUMVAR to 200 just before entering the /SOLU (script below as reference).

      Appreciate every comment :)

      Dob Psz

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee
      MAPDL 2021 R1 does not store results for mid-side nodes - their result values are calculated on the fly when contour plotting. But /post26 is trying to read values from result file directly. You could instead use the average of the surrounding corner nodes.
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