Inverse design

    • mohitkhurana

      hi, i have several questions,

      1. How to resume a simulation? can I import npz file again in simulation and start from where it left.
      2. How to improve simulation time for inverse design, my simulation time for 600 iterations is about 5 days.

      Please suggest me how to improve simulation time. I really appreciate your time and effort.



    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      You can resume simulation by loading the parameters from an NPZ file and using them as the starting parameters of the next simulation. See the "Topology Considerations" section of this page for an example:
      To improve the speed of your simulations you can try optimizing your hardware configuration, as described on this page: You could also try reducing the mesh size, though this will lead to less accurate simulations. You could also consider whether you can use symmetry boundary conditions. You could also try using varFDTD instead of 3D FDTD if you aren't doing so already.
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