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Inverter limit in optimization of IPMSM

    • smks1991

      Hey Guys,

      I am optimizing an IPMSM using genetic algorithm in Maxwell. I need to compare it with a benchmark design so I kept the copper losses the same by defining the current related to slot area. So when the slot area changes, the current will change in a way to keep the copper losses constant. However, in this case another problem arises.

      The problem is the optimum point has larger slot area leading to higher input current. And this current is higher than the inverter limit. Thus, my question is how I can put the inverter current and voltage as a limit (constraint)???

      I need to define the current as a variable which changes by slot area and is limited by a maximum current.

      I do appreciate your help in advance.



    • smks1991
      As you can see in figure, my initial solution is to put the current equation as an objective and limit its value between 650 A and 707 A. I want to achieve a current under 707A but I do not want to reduce it to lower than 650 A with the aim of keeping the electrical loading. Is not there any better solution????

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Setting the limit of current is a good way for the optimization, as that you did before.
      Could you check the characteristics of relationship of current, resistance and loss? To keep the constant copper loss, current might be increased monotonically with decrease of resistance. Thus, we could limit the size of the slot.

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