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Invisible parametric sketch


    • ybiran


      I have a client who has a visualization problem with the parametric sketch from time to time without understanding why. 
      He models in parametric sketch and the curves are created in the structure but he doesn't visualize them in the design window. 
      When it passes in 3D a surface is well created. The problem is that he can't hang on the curves because he doesn't see them .
      Have you ever encountered this problem and do you have a possible solution? 
      If not, maybe it's to go up as a bug on the software.

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hi NOVACAD

      I had come across this situation but don't know what's the reason. I noticed that the sketching plane gets disabled (hidden) while creating sketches, so the sketches are not visible after they are created. Enabling the sketching plane (making it visible) shows up all the sketch entities on that plane. Can you check if this is the case at the client's end?

    • ybiran

      Hello Naresh, 

      Thank you for this feedback, I ask the customer to try the next time it happens to him, it's punctual enough for the shot, I come back to you to keep you informed when I have a return.

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