IRFZ44N was burned out, why?


      IRFZ44N was burned out after passing 2.5A of current, I don't know why

      I want to use the voltage to control the current. I connected a 12 ohm heating wire and a 36V DC power supply in series between DS. As a result, when I adjusted the voltage between GS to about 4V, the current flowing through the heating wire was 2.5 A or so, IRFZ44N is very hot at this time, and it burns out in a short time. I have used several tubes to do the experiment, and the results are all broken. I read the data sheet of this tube and said that the current between DS is 25 degrees Celsius. When it was 49A, why did it burn out when it was only 2.5A?

    • Chinmay T
      Ansys Employee
      Hi It looks like the question does not belong to simulation or physics related but on IRFZ44N.
      So as Ansys employees, we may not be able to provide you correct advice.
      We will leave it to the forum community who can guide you better.
      Thanks Chinmay
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