Is ist possible to simulate a core memory with Ansys Maxwell ?

    • HG2

      Hello everyone,

      does anyone know if it is possible to simulate a core memory with Maxwell in the Solution Type Transient?

      To do this, Maxwell would have to correctly account for the remanence of the core material.

      As far as I understand it, only part of the hysteresis curve can be defined in Maxwell and not the whole hysteresis curve ;-)

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    • Deyu Li
      Ansys Employee
      yes, Maxwell can do the full loop simulation. Basically, you need define hysteresis core loss model with the partial BH curve, and Maxwell will use those information to complete the full loop.
      More detail please refer to Maxwell Online Help or manual with key words "remanence".
    • HG2
      Thank you very much for your quick answer and the search reference deli :-)
      "Compute Remanent Br from B-H curve
      The value of the remanent Br of the individual element after the magnetization field is computed is determined in such a way: after having located the operating point on the original non-remanent B-H curve, draw a line which is parallel to the original recoil curve with the slope of
      and passes the operating point, the intersection of this line with B-axis is the remanent Br as the result of the applied magnetization field."
      As I understand this, I can only calculate the remanence at a certain working point by myself. Maxwell then does not consider remanence in transient mode !?

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