Is it possible to add Elements at an Substep of a full transient analysis?

    • Flo

      Background of this question: I'm currently simulating a piezoelectric sensor including CIRCU94 elements (resistor and capacity) parallel to the electrodes of the piezoelectric sensor. I wanted to simulate a puls excitation of the sensor including some static prestress. As mentioned in other discussion you can generate the prestress with time integration turned off in the first loadsteps (not sure how to add links to other sides, hope it works - it's my first question in this forum).

      Hi. I was performing a transient analysis of a structure. Below is the time history of displacement of the structure. Due to the abrupt application of the load, there is a transient effect at the beginning of the time history (very large fluctuations).

      To reduce the transient effects. I conducted a static analysis before the transient analysis, and the load for the static analysis is the same as the load in the first time step in the transient analysis. Below is the setup in Workbench. But I got the same results as the case that I only conducted transient analysis. Does anyone know how does this happen? Anything wrong with the setup? 

      Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated

    • Dave Looman
      Ansys Employee
      It's not permitted to add an element during any solution. Perhaps in a separate static analysis you can use inistate,write to write the
      stresses for a model without the circu94 element to to and then in the transient use inistate,read to read these stresses.
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