3D Design

3D Design

is it possible to create a boolean between an enclosure and a surface?

    • KumarVaibhav

      I have an enclosure cube and a midsurface file can i create a boolean for a fluid domain by subtracting the two?What should i do?


    • peteroznewman

      You should bring just the midsurface into DesignModeler and use the Enclosure tool to create the enclosure.

    • Samir Kadam
      Ansys Employee

      To append Peter's comments, in DesignModeler, once you create Enclosure for the Midsurface, it will have two bodies in the tree - one surface body and one solid body. You will need to select those two bodies, right click and Form New Part.

      This will enable Shared Topology between them. And once you take it to Mesher, there will be single solid body with imprinting of Midsurface in it.

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