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Is it possible to create a more structured mesh

    • SickOfAnsys


      I have made a design for flow-obstructors for shallow channels and I want to perform CFD around a single feature to see whether it's a design worth pursuing.

      a section of the flow feild is shown below:

      This was created by using the "Automatic method", with inflation from the feature walls. When I try multizone, Meshing crashes and when I reopen the geometry is no longer available in the program, so it requires reloading. No error message is returned, the software just crashes.

      Are there any other techniques that can be employed to create a structured haxahedral mesh around the features?

    • NickFL
      So it has the same cross-section through the thickness (into/out of the screen)? Then you should be able to use the Sweep method. It basically meshes the upper face and then would be extruded into the third dimension. With this, quads would become Hexas and triangles become prisms. Look at the documentation for more information, but it is pretty straightforward.
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