Is it possible to create journal backwards from used functions?

    • dural

      Hi everyone, my question is already whole said in the topic title. Is it somehow possible to create journal file backwards from used functions? I mean, like suppose I have set everything and I am ready to run calculations. However, I have to use the same boundary conditions/etc/etc more times. Are these functions saved somewhere? In some temporary folders or whatever.I am really curious..thanks!

      edit: to be more precise, I have found this, but I am not sure if its also working when it is not workbench ( I dont have ansys near me for few days)

      Record Journal File: Specify if a journal file should be recorded. If this check box is selected, ANSYS Workbench writes a journal file (.wbjn) for each ANSYS Workbench session and the following options are enabled:

      • Journal File Directory: Select the directory to which journal files should be written.

        On Windows, the directory preference defaults to %TEMP%WorkbenchJournals.

        On Linux, the directory preference defaults to the following, in order:

        1. $TEMP/WorkbenchJournals

        2. $TMP/WorkbenchJournals

        3. $HOME/.ansys/WorkbenchJournals

        If you record a session (File> Scripting> Record Journal) for future playback, the same information is written to both the location specified here and to the file specified when you begin recording.


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