is it possible to design the compound semiconductor with the Spaceclaim?

    • Hailey_Kim


      I'm new in Ansys program. I've heard that it is possible to simulate thermal analysis with Ansys Workbench.

      i have 2D designs for HEMTs(High electron mobility transistor) and MOSFETs.

      When i fabricated AlGaN/GaN HEMT in person, i used ohmic metal Ti/Al/Ni/Au. I wonder when i convert 2D designs to 3D designs with Ansys spaceclaim, Do i have to make ohmic metal each layer? for example first layer for Ti, second layer for Al, etc..

      Also, i wonder it is possible to designate the polarization for creating 2DEG(2-Dimension Electron Gas)

      plz, Help me if there is somebody who has experienced to design compound semiconductor to thermal analysis with workbench

      i need your help

      best regard,


    • Rahul Kumbhar
      Ansys Employee


      Hello @Hailey_Kim

      Could you please elaborate more? From what I understood, you have metal bodies and non-metal bodies in each layer. These are all 3D bodies. Correct me if I am wrong here. 

      You can use Steady State Thermal analysis system in Workbench. In the Geometry cell, you can import tis Spaceclaim model. In Thermal analysis, you can use contact between bodies or in Spaceclaim you can create ‘Share topology’ so when meshed, they create shared nodes between separate bodies. You might also need to use Boolean operation in Spaceclaim to remove overlapping volumes if any.You may check these courses.

      Intro to Heat Transfer | Ansys Innovation Courses

      Thermal Conductivity in Heat Transfer | Ansys Innovation Courses


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