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Is it possible to do adaptive convergence with ANSYS ACP?

    • Sebastian Pearson

      Hi, I'm trying to solve a model that has composites and metals in. I am using ANSYS ACP (pre) for the composite parts and a mechanical module for the metal and feeding them both into a static structural analysis:

      (I need the mechanical model and the ACP (pre) as there appears to be a glitch whereby if I don't, the non-composite solids don't make it to the static structural study from ACP if I export the composite elements as solids)


      I'm hoping to do an adaptrive convergence study on this model, but the option isn't coming up. I'm wondering whether there is an option to do an adaptive convergence study. I'm happy to change the setup in workbench if you have any suggestions, and am open to other approaches to get convergence if necessary

    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator


      Please see if the following post answers your query: What are limitations of Adaptive Convergence - Ansys Knowledge


      Ashish Kumar

    • Sebastian Pearson

      Yes that answers my question, it is not possible.


      Thank you for that.

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