Is it Possible to Limit Power and Use Field Weakening in Maxwell Machine Toolkit

    • RyanBath

      I have been trying to create an efficiency map in Ansys Maxwell using the Machine Toolkit but without any luck to date. I have been using the example motor model named "assm-1" from Maxwell which is an RMxprt file. With this I automatically generated a transient 2D model, however I should note I also changed the bulk conductivity of the magnets from 0 to 625000 s/m (the same as the NdFe35 magnets) as otherwise I could not set eddy current effects in the 'Excitations' menu which I was told was required. From this, I have attempted to create an efficiency map.

      The first issue here is I am not sure I am using the correct line-line RMS voltage or RMS line current. I have been using 220V as that was given in the original "assm-1" spec sheet, and 2.5A for the current as that is the rated power (550W) divided by the voltage. This seems wrong but appears to be the same as in the Machine Toolkit help document from Ansys.

      From here, I am using the phase and end winding resistance from the RMxprt design sheet and running the toolkit. However, the results I am getting show the power exceeding 550W with constant torque past the 1500rpm rated speed. Also, the product of the current and voltage plots are significantly lower than the output power of the machine! I have attached these results as figures below. Is this a case of not having correctly set a power limit or something that would enable a field weakening region? Hopefully I have given enough information for someone to see my error, but I will provide any further information needed!

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      To use machine tools kit and calculate efficiency map, it is necessary to define voltage and current limit for the electrical machine to find maximum output power, peak performance and best operation points in a wide speed range. We could not specify the peak power for now, and the external script is required to be written by yourself, if you have to calculate the constant peak power in the efficiency map.
      What is the goal to use the machine tools kit in your design? if the efficiency map range is not suitable for the application, the design of the machine should be modified.
      Additionally, this map will present the maximum capability of the electrical machine with limit of voltage and current of power supply or battery, but we do not need to run the machine at all the operation points. Thanks.
    • phuonganhlovely.me
      Hello guys I am using EDT to simulate an axial flux motor (3D model), and now I want to plot the efficiency map using a machine toolkit.
      The question is when I finished simulating the machine toolkit how can i plot efficiency map, current and voltage plots, output power.... same figure above?
      can you provide screenshots of your Machine toolkit setup and preprocessing steps ( i mean the explanation of each pages of Machine toolkit setup) or where can i get information to do it ?( i have read Maxwell ACT Extensions Wizards in PDF file and still vague about it)
      it is perfectly if you can help
      Thanks in advance

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