Is it possible to limit the number of mass flowing from an inlet?

    • Pixie

      Hi, I am simulating a chemical vapor deposition process with two different precursors (2 inlets plus another 1 inlet for carrier gas). In a real case scenario, the precursors with a set amount of weight would only have a mass flowing according to the the original weight. I have done a steady-state simulation but I think the result is not entirely accurate because the simulation would assume there is continuous mass flow rate from the inlet. Can we limit the number of mass flowing from the inlet.

      For example; one of the inlet will have a mass flow rate of 1.65X10^-9 kg/s, can we stop the mass flow rate until it reaches 5 mg? I assume a transient simulation and UDF will need to be used.


    • Karthik R
      If I understand your ask - you should be able to use Fluent expressions for this. A simple "if" statement might work. You will need to compute the fluid mass of your system and use this value to control your flow rate.
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