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General Mechanical

Is it possible to model a dynamics positioning (DP) system in aqwa??

    • nasmuhd

      Dear Ansys,

      I want to know if it is possible to create a model with a DP system. My objective is to study vessel exursion and plot the graph against worst sea condition. This way i can evaluate the limiting criteria with current offshore standard (DNV GL, ABS, API). Appreciate if someone in ANSYS can clarify this. Thank you



    • Ingrid Machecler
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Nas,
      the external user force is probably the best approach for you to implement (in python) a PID controller.
      There is an example of the external user force in your installation (under v\aqwa\utils\ExternalForceCalculation). You will find further details in section 30.3.1 of the user's manual.
      I hope this helps.
      Kind regards Ingrid
    • nasmuhd
      Dear thank you for your clarification. I will look into it.
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