Is it possible to simulate refractive index n < 1 in Lumerical?

    • cflower


      I would like to do some basic photonic simulations with a particular material, ITO, which can have a refractive index between n = 0 and n = 1. In reality this is realized by tuning the plasmon resonance frequency, but I don't actually need to simulate any plasmonics.

      Will Lumerical FDTD handle this if I input something like an (n,k) material or analytic material with n = 0? So far I have not had much luck with this, the simulations just seem to diverge immediately. Any additional information would be appreciated, thanks!


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      yes, you can add (n,k) material and the aoftware will automatically fit the data for broadband use. Ideally, it is better to give permititivity, like Magnetic-electonic material model. Please refer this example:


      So you can either  using "n,k " material from the material database, or uisng analytical magnetic-electrinic material model, or calculate a series of refractive index ot permitivity, and import.  

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