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Is it possible to use ANSYS AQWA to simulate a scaled model?

    • Abdul_4


      I need to simulate 400mm cube along with mooring lines. I am unable to provide proper cable properties and few limitation errors are coming. Kindly suggest me, if any tutorials or materials are available.

      Thank you.

    • Ingrid Machecler
      Ansys Employee
      Hello What type of cables have you defined so far? And what type of errors do you get?
      You can find some details on the cable definition in the User's manual, section 5.8 Define Connections.
      Basically, you will need to define your 2 attachements points (your cube - 400mm? and your anchor for instance) and a cable (under Connections) where you can enter your cable's properties. If you are dealing with non-linear catenaries, you should also define their section's properties (right click Connection Data). If you have a subscription to the learning hub, you may find some additional training material.
      If it comes to model scaling, I've put below the similarity rules you would need to use between your 400mm model and a enlarged model. Let's call A, the length scale ratio, A=L(model)/L(prototype).
      Then, the similarity rules are:
      wavelength and wave height scale ratios are A;
      wave period scale ratio is sqrt(A);
      Young's modulus scale ratioof cable is A.
      Mass and force scale ratios are A^3.
      I hope this helps.
      Kind regards Ingrid
    • Abdul_4
      Thank you for your response sir.
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