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General Mechanical

Is possible to give a displacement as a boundary condition

    • ICWang


      I give a force(B) and a fix support(A) as figure 1. And I can get a vector displacement result by using User Defined Result as figure 2 .

      So I can get the each node displacement in export file (figure 3).

      My question is : can I give this node displacement to each node and to see the the force reaction at the point of center of mass ?

      Can I use APDL command(UPGEOM) to do this?

      I want a same displacement result as figure 2 to see the force acting at the point of center of mass and to see the direction of that force

      Thanks in advance


      If we give a force to a structure and we can get a deformation, and from that deformation we can get the strain energy

      So I want to see If we can give that deformation and to find a force to represent this deformation at some point in this structure.


      IC Wang

      figure 1

      figure 2

      figure 3


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