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Is there a way to get Auger carrier lifetime data in charge ?

    • Mariah Ha


      I would like to extract the carrier lifetime for Auger recombination, for silicon material, in charge solver. I would like to get data for script calculations. I see it is possible to get graphs and data for SRH carrier lifetimes, but for Auger there is only the coefficients "caun" and "caup" which I am not able to manipulate in scripting to get the carrier lifetime "Tau_auger" by formula . How can I write in the script the following line for example : " Tau_auger= 1/(caun* ND^2)" while the variable "caun " is not independent.There is no variable "caun" that I can manipulate, even when I "send to script" the "caun" variable from the maerial properties.

      Another problem is , the value of "caun" in lumerical is 2.8e-31 for silicon,however, the plot and data for "caun" are 0 even in the "view data" option in the visualizer. I understand the coefficient is very small numerically but it should be seen on the graph for axis values of "e-31" . If I try to change the value to "500" arbitrary value , the plot and data are still 0 which is weird.

    • Khashayar Ghaffari
      Ansys Employee
      Hi There seems to be an error with the visualizer reporting the Auger capture coefficients; the initial value and any changes due to applied doping (if correction models are enabled) are not currently shown in the plots. Thank you for reporting this.
      You can however, access and change the Auger coefficients through script. Once you create the material to add to the object library, you can select the material and use a command like:
      To change the value. Similarly, the get command can be used to read the current value.
      Best regards
    • Mariah Ha
      Thank you for the support.
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