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Is these temperature results are logical please – Modeling of solar still


      Hello every one

      i downloaded some papers that have simulation results of solar still by ansys

      but some results seem not to be logical

      or am i wrong or misunderstand some thing ?

      A solar still distills water with substances dissolved in it by using the heat of the sun to evaporate water so that it may be cooled and collected

    • KR
      Hello,nWe might not be able to comment on these published results because they depend on how the model was constructed, the boundary and initial conditions, as well as the modeling objectives of the paper. To obtain the best answer for these type of questions, you might want to directly write to the authors of these papers. Most authors are very helpful and will be able to help you understand these results better.nIn the meantime, if you have any issues with your model, please don't hesitate to connect with us and we will be happy to help out.nThank you.nKarthikn
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