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LS Dyna

Is this possible in Explicit Dynamics

    • birdbear

      This is all using explicit dynamics. I have 2 questions.

      1 Is there any way to see how many contacts between bodies there are at the end of the time frame of the simulation?

      2 Is it possible to use how the objects are arranged at the end of the time frame of the simulation as the geometry for another?


    • PSiedlac123

      The Contact Tool known from Structural analyses is not implemented In explicit dynamic. But You can do contact force tracking between two bodies, or plot UserDefinedResult requesting PRESSURE or COMPRESSALL, to see where contacts are acting. Some other results can be selected from Worksheet on Solution level.

      If You want to use final geometry configuration in next step You can export geometry to STL calling menu from right mouse button > Export... and then importing it to next simulation or cad.





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