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Issue: ANSYS Parallel Meshing not WORKING (very urgent)

    • J.LoongHee

      Hi all,

      I found it very frustrating where the computer provided by the employer is an industrial workstation but the software does not allow me to fully utilize the parallel meshing feature. Could some experts or Ansys developer explaining why is this the case? 

      PC spec: XEON (W-1290) 10 cores 20 threads, 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM
      Software: ANSYS Academic (University License), parallel HPC license potentially several thousands. 
      Meshing: Multizone, uniform
      Windows 10 Pro for Workstations (21H2)

      I have created a cube (1m and set the sizing to be 10mm). By using a stop watch, the time to complete a mesh is as following:
      2 cores = 17.12s
      4 cores = 16.54s
      8 cores = 16.79s 
      10 cores = Didn't conduct to give a fair judgement as it might be used for windows and other applications (i.e., browsers)

      By checking the task manager, the CPU utilisation is not more than 20~23% (it fluctuates, never constant). I have tried all means including setting 2, 4, 8 at Number of CPUs for Parallel Part Meshing in the drop down tree or even the option setting. 

      Could someone kindly advise me how do I use the parallel meshing feature? or provide me with a direct contact? Is this the problem with hardware or software? Or is it something I have to tune in BIOS to use such feature?


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You may want to review what part of meshing is actually parallel. Meshing isn't a single process, and you've also not specified which meshing tool is in use. 

    • peteroznewman


      Hi Jee,

      My understanding is that the parallelism is for multiple bodies. For example, if you had 16 cubes and used 2 cores, that might take 80 seconds, but when you use 4 cores, that might take 40 seconds, 8 cores might take 20 seconds.  That is an ideal case assuming the cubes are completely unconnected to each other.


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