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    • justran

      Hi all,

      I have recently purchased the commercial license to Ansys Fluent and is beginning to explore its functionality. I have got my first probleme here. The main computer, that serves as the license manager computer, runs well on the simulations. But my secondary computers are not, giving the error messgae as attached when the workbench is first opened. I made sure the license managerer is runninng well on the main computer (There is a big greeen tick on the page. All 3 of them: Licensing Interconnect, Licensing Interconnect Manager, and FlexNett Licensing are "running")

      Another lesser concern I would like to ask about  is should we expect more than 90% CPU utilized when all avaliblle cores are used to run Fleunt? Here it says only 65% CPU and 45% memory are utilized when all 14 cores of the computers are used to run the simulationon on Fluent. Just wondering if I can boost the numbers up to save time.

      Very much appreciated if anyone can help me out. Thanks!!

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    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      On your second computer: are you referencing to the License Server Machine ( I assume both are located in the same network).

    • Vijay
      Ansys Employee


      Hi.. Please try my below suggestions on the client workstation to see if that helps resolve the connection timeout issue –

      Close all Ansys applications.

      Go to C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\Shared Files\Licensing directory, copy the ansyslmd.ini file to the desktop location.
      Open the ansyslmd.ini file using Notepad and add the following lines –




      Once you add the lines, click Save As > ensure that the save as file type is ‘all files’.
      Once the file is saved, please replace the old ansyslmd.ini file using the newly created one.

      Also, set the following Environment Variable –

      Go to START > ‘Edit the System Environment Variables’ > click Environment Variables.

      Under the System Variables, please click NEW and create a new variable.


      Variable Name – FLEXLM_TIMEOUT
      Variable Value – 60000000


      Save it.

      Relaunch WB to see if it works.??


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Re the speed, how many cells are in the model? As the cells/core drop the data passing becomes more important, and sometime it's possible for the data passing to slow the overall solution. 

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