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Issue importing material

    • oberstar

      I am trying to import a material from a database I saved off from a previously created material per https://confluence.cornell.edu/display/SIMULATION/3D+Bifurcating+Artery+-+Physics+Setup

      I am clearly doing something wrong because when I open up the database you can see the viscosity is set per the above link to Carreau model with specific parameters.  However when I copy it into the solution the command line states the viscosity was converted to a constant and when I look at the material in the solution it is indeed converted to a constant and I cannot select the Carreau model at all to fix it.  I suspect this must have something to do with the models I'm trying to implement or some other setting and would appreciate any clues anyone can give - the integrated help seems pretty useless on the issue from my searching.  See below mages: 

       I think this is tied to the K-epsilon turbulence model being enabled.  How might I add turbulence with the curreau model of viscosity?

    • José Mantovani

      Oberstar, you need set carreau viscosity. I try to do this simulation, but I get error also...  The continuity don't converge in my case. You need search about non-newtonian fluids, I recommend that you use the ANSYS 18.2, it's simpler than ANSYS 17.1 to set that simulation. 

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