Issue in using MATLAB to call Fluent without opening the ANSYS Fluent GUI.

    • Alan

      We would like to use MATLAB to call Fluent. We have some in-house MATLAB codes to modify inputs of Fluent UDFs. The goal is to have the MATLAB to repeatedly modify the UDF inputs and call Fluent to run the simulation.

      There are many useful tutorials (videos and PDF) that introduced MATLAB AAS Toolbox. We made it work in Windows. For example, here is what we had in our MATLAB:

      However, keeping the Fluent GUI open while running these commands is a crucial step in ensuring their successful execution. The following error message appeared if the Fluent GUI was not opened:

      So, the question is: how can we use MATLAB AAS ToolBox without Fluent GUI is open? Do we have a way to open Fluent in the background (like in the batch mode in Linux, you can type fluent -g -i and so on.)

      The reason for asking is that we want to use Matlab AAS in the supercomputing cluster, which is based on the Linux queue system. We can not open Fluent GUI in the queue system.  

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You can run Fluent in background on Windows too - it's covered in the same bit of the manual as the Linux command options. 

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