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Issue loading case files into Fluent


    • Lukáš Trizuljak


      Is anyone able to help me with this error message? I try to load a case into Fluent from a class and this error keeps popping up: 


      Reading mesh ...

      10000 cells, 1 cell zone ...

      10000 quadrilateral cells, zone id: 2

      20425 faces, 5 face zones ...

      19575 2D interior faces, zone id: 3

      400 2D symmetry faces, zone id: 4

      25 2D velocity-inlet faces, zone id: 5

      25 2D pressure-outlet faces, zone id: 6

      400 2D wall faces, zone id: 7

      10426 nodes, 1 node zone ...



      Error: EOF in string read

      Error Object: ()


      Error: api-get-var: the object is not active

      Error Object: setup/general/solver/time

      Real overflow


      Real underflow

      Real overflow

      Real underflow



      I'd be grateful for any help.


    • Rob
      Forum Moderator

      Which version of Fluent were you using in class, and which version are you reading it into? The mesh may be OK, but the api-get-var suggests there's something missing that's model related. 

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