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Issue while working on network files

    • Matt Bowman

      Our users are running into these errors when working on files using our file server. Permissions to the folders they are using are correct and they have read/write access. However, these errors do not pop up when working on the files on the local disk.

      Any suggestions will be appreciated. We are running Ansys 2022 R2

    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Matt

       The error messages are not consistent with a file / file system / permissions issue. 

       For example, Structural results are written to file.rst. If this file is not found at all, then a messge Results file not found is triggered.

       In your case the file.rst was likely found, but did not contain the result quantities being asked for. A user can enable/disable various output quantities in the Analysis Settings > Output Controls. 

      If you can provide any additonal error messages or information, please provide them as it will give us a better idea of where to look for your issue. 



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